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woman Manroh, Geziena "" 1e & Wiebe "" Veenstra, 2e & Henk J. "" Borman PRIVACY FILTER
woman Manroh, Giny "" 1e & Luut "" Schreuder, 2e & Frederik "" Huls PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Manroh, Jacob "" & Jantje "" Benus PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Manroh, Jantje "" X Jacob "" Kort PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Manroh, Johan Hendrik "" & Lina Hendriks "" Bruins
man Manroh, Lambertus "" & Grietje "" Niemeyer PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Manroh, Lubbert "" & Wubbechiena "" Everhardus
man Manroh, Poppe X Frouwina "" Huiting* ‎28 jul 1876* Borger† ‎24 mei 1929† Wildervank
woman Manroh, Siena * ‎07 apr 1908* Nieuw Buinen† ‎20 apr 1909† Nieuw Buinen

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